Minor 7 Chords

The m7 chord is based on the 1st (Root) - b3rd - 5th & b7th notes of a major scale. Inversions change the order of the notes by playing a different note as the lowest note of the chord. The chord symbols are written using a slash (/) such as Cm7/Eb which means to play a Cm7 chord with the Eb note as the lowest note in the chord. These chord symbols are common to other instruments such as keyboards.

There are 4 types of inversions;

Inversion Name Scale Notes Chord Symbol Chord Notes
  Root Position   1  b3  5  b7   Cm7   =  C  Eb  G  Bb
  1st Inversion   b3  5  b7  1   Cm7/Eb   =  Eb  G  Bb  C
  2nd Inversion   5  b7  1  b3   Cm7/G   =  G  Bb  C  Eb
  3rd Inversion   b7  1  b3  5   Cm7/Bb   =  Bb  C  Eb  G
Used when chords share a note on the same fret.
Inversions off the 6th string

Inversions off the 5th string

Inversions off the 4th string

Right Handed
Left Handed
  Major   Major - Left
  Minor   Minor - Left
  Ma6   Ma6 - Left
  m6   m6 - Left
  Ma7   Ma7 - Left
  m7   m7 - Left
  m7b5   m7b5 - Left
  dim7   dim7 - Left
  7th   7th - Left
  7sus4   7sus4 - Left

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